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Mobile Sitter Service

Planning a special event? Planning to attend an event? Let us help you celebrate! Make the most of your big celebration with mobile services from Celebration Sitters. We come to you! Whether for a large group at a venue or a smaller gathering in your home, if you save the date we'll accommodate.

Flexible Solutions

Many childcare providers only operate Monday through Friday during business hours. Celebration Sitters offer flexible hours in the evenings, weekends, and during the holiday seasons! With us you'll never have to cancel or turn down another invite. You can book us for this coming weekend or reserve a date that's still months away.

On-Site Care

There's no need to pick up or drop off your kids at the babysitter's house. We offer care and supervision at your home or party venue. Your kids can enjoy the comfort of home while you go out and enjoy yourself, or you can bring them along to your event and be sure they are being carefully supervised throughout the evening. Our services are perfect for:

• Weddings
• Receptions
• Banquets


• Bridal Parties
• Birthday Parties
• Ceremonies

Birthday Party

• Church Functions
• Fundraisers
• Corporate Events

Business Function

Family Friendly Events

 Childcare concerns often prevent families from attending events. You will be able to plan a special occassion with peace of mind! Your guests will be able to RSVP without worrying about finding a sitter.

Any Age, Any Needs

We cater to children aged 6 weeks to 12 years. Children with special needs are welcome and our experienced caregivers ensure all kids are safe and happy.

Booking Details

Call today for a free consultation. We create customized packages for each event. Send your booking inquiries to bookyourevent@celebrationsitters.com