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Our Story

As a parent and former homeschool mom, the owner refers to Celebration Sitters as a God given business.  It started as a babysitting service for parents who wanted to enjoy date nights. Parents appreciated being able to leave their children in the comfort of their own home. We quickly built relationships with many families through word-of-mouth referrals. It was with an idea and prayer that we were able to expand to accommodate families who wanted to attend special occasions with the option to bring their child along. This service allows many to cut down on cost, travel time, and enjoy a healthy balance between family and social life.

Education & Entertainment

Our sitters bring all their own equipment, including a projector screen for movies. We also offer an introductory sign language class for the children, free of charge for events only, so you can be sure your kids are learning while having fun.

An All-in-One Solution

We make it easy. We offer customized options based on individual needs. This makes our service perfect for working families or businesses that employ families with children.